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AQA exams


AQA 4665 German specification


AQA 4665 German vocabulary list


Topical oral questions     2

from past syllabus









family vocab


family oral questions


personality vocab


family problems


bei der Gastfamilie

prose daily routine



Tourism and Holidays


tourism vocab


accommodation vocab


meine Ferien expressions


coursework holiday problems


travel prose


travel prose


holidays oral questions


travel oral questions


suggestion and arrangements

prose letter

holiday complaints


coursework complaint




Travel and transport


transport vocab


am Bahnhof vocab


transport oral questions


eine schwierige Reise






environment vocab and phrases


local area vocab


environmental prose


environment oral questions






free time vocab


free time oral questions


free time prose


Lesen und Fernsehen






shopping vocab


shopping oral questions


shopping prose


money prose




House and home


home life vocab


home life oral questions


household chores


coursework home




Food and drink


food vocab


food oral questions






health vocab


Health expressions


health oral questions


health prose

with theatre exercise

accident vocab




Education and work


school vocab


school oral questions


school prose


ein stressiger Schultag


Gymnasium Fürstenried

our partner school in Münich

jobs vocab


Nebenjob und Praktikum


work experience vocab


job and future oral questions


job coursework




New technology and media


new media expressions


computers prose






social issues


weather vocab


issues and events vocab


narrative expressions for oral exam

from past syllabus

vocab matching exercise