French Grammar

Elementary worksheets


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Interactive exercises ã Andrew Balaam

Grammar terms in English


Simple –er verbs


Likes and dislikes


Like, hate and prefer


Verbs paradigm er / ir / re


Verbs list


Regular verbs practice

Present tense

Modal verbs intro


Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir


Activities + modals


Reflexive verbs introduction


Reflexive worksheet


Times, dates and frequency


Perfect tense synopsis


Avoir verbs perfect tense

positive and negative, regular and irregular

Pronouns exercise

present tense

Pronouns exercise

perfect tense

Verb grid

infinitive, present and perfect (avoir/ être and reflexive)

Verb grid

infinitive, present and future

Some and quantities


Link phrases


Grammar summary




Shops and produce

Personal description


Talking about oneself


Ma fête

Expressions past tense

Daily routine

match up / learning sentence halves


Present and perfect

Au restaurant

infinitives for perfect tense narration


Y9 expressions for conversation

French diary

For  trips abroad



Prose translation


Chez moi

Home and household items

En ville et à la campagne

Modals practice

Common mistakes



Y8 Adjectives and modals

Un voyage

Y8 avoir / être sentences

Une visite en France

Y9 past tenses

A journey

Y9 sentences for translation

Vous allez à Marseille

Y9 roleplay / information swop

Theatre activity

Y9 roleplay

Journée de vacances

perfect tense

Ma fête




Agony aunt

Y9 perfect tense and negatives