Advanced grammar worksheets


Lower sixth / post GCSE

Pre-AS grammar workbook


Gender rules


Grammar proses 1-7


Modal verbs


Modal verbs test


Grammar terms for A-level


Perfect tense revision practice


Relative clauses and test


Pronouns revision practice


L’Argot and test


Verbs + de


Verbs + de practice 1    2


Subjunctive grammar sheet


Subjunctive practice


Verbs + à


Verbs + à   practice


Verbs  + direct / indirect object


Diagnostic prose


Cause and effect


AS writing expressions to impress


Explication de texte


AS discursive expressions




Upper sixth


Fluent French advice

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Useful verbs sheet


Adverbs and modifiers


Locutions 1-66


Locutions practice


Past historic


Grammar proses



Government of verbs




Vintage A-level






Last minute

French idioms and expressions 1-93


Idioms and locutions revision


Business interpreting option


Oral exam discursive language


Formal and informal letters


Locutions formées avec “y”


Locutions formées avec “en”


Proverbs and picturesque expressions


Style and register


Phrases formed with “l’oeil”, “le regard” etc


Discursive free composition: advanced expressions


Les épines du theme français

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