GCSE French

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Past papers


AQA 4655 French specification

past papers from 2007

AQA 4655 French vocabulary list



past papers from 2010

Cambridge IGCSE

past papers from 2010




Vocabulary, proses, sample oral questions, reading material, past exam questions

Ashcombe School

a site with video and other resources

Edexcel reading comps online

Wildfrench: Higher level selectable

Edexcel reading comps by topic

Wildfrench: perhaps better forY9 / 10 French





Personal and social life vocabulary


Oral questions


Essay: unusual day





Tourism and accommodation vocab


Oral questions


Holiday problems expressions


Bad journey prose


Essay: holiday problems


Prose: grammar structures


Prose: holiday


Voyage virtuel

French regional geography Cortland

Les fÍtes et les traditions

Comprehension exercises Cortland





School vocab sheet


Prose: school (simplified)


Essay: school dislikes


Oral questions


School clubs


Bad day at school: expressions


Future plans



House and home


Home life vocab sheet


Oral questions


Bedroom improvements vocab sheet


Prose: my room


Essay: room improvements


A la maison

Comprehension exercises Cortland



Local surroundings


Local area vocab sheet


Oral questions


Prose: In town


Essay: my town (simplified)


Essay: a place that impressed me



Comprehension exercises Cortland

Paris picture hunt

A treasure hunt in cyberspace





Shopping vocab sheet


Oral questions





Free time vocab sheet


Sport vocab sheet


Prose: hobbies


Prose: health






Environment vocab


Environment expressions


Environment questions


Oral questions environment 2



Food and drink


Eating and drinking vocab sheet


Oral questions


La cuisine

Comprehension exercises Cortland



World of work and Future plans


Work experience vocab sheet


Prose: un petit boulot


Oral questions


Future plans expressions


Essay: work experience


Essay: work experience 2



Travel and transport


Transport vocabulary


En voyage vocab sheet


Oral questions


Prose: public transport


Prose: un voyage en train

Roleplays: public transport (simple)


Les transports

Comprehension exercises Cortland





Illness vocab


Oral questions


Health prose





Crime and accident vocab sheet


Prose: accident


Weather and environment vocab sheet


Positive and negative vocab sheet


GCSE vocab ticklist


Les symboles

Comprehension exercises Cortland


Comprehension exercises Cortland