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Word reference

an excellent online dictionary

Le dictionnaire

online dictionary and synonyms


multiple language dictionary

Dictionnaire de synonymes

a geometric visual approach

Les Mots de l’Actualité

reading and listening comprehension


data of all kinds


the national statistical office


type a key word into the rechercher box


practical information of all sorts


a left wing newspaper with free achive material

Nouvel Observateur

more free archives

Advice on fluency and naturalness

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Advanced comprehensions

Excellent reading and listening ã BonjourdeFrance





Past AS / A2 examination papers


Edexcel  New specification

Includes links to past papers

Synopsis of requirements




Module 1 oral


General topical oral questions

targeted oral questions for AS

INSET notes

Examiner’s topical questions for AS orals

Topical oral proses

for oral practice

Oral exams

specification and mark schemes

Oral exam samples

exemplar recorded material

Specimen material

oral cue cards and comprehension papers



Module 3 oral

topical questions


Expressions for oral exam



Module 4 writing

Past essay questions

Research based essay

generic guide     French specific guide



EdExcel AS Topics


EdExcel A2 Topics